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What is the principle of plastic crusher?

Jul. 11, 2020

From the machine name, we can know that plastic crusher machine is a machine can be used to crush plastic material. In injection molding, blowing molding, extrusion and pelletizing factories, there are many of defective products and mold runners generated every day. In order to save production cost, we must recycle all the defective products and mold runners and reuse them again. In that case, a plastic crusher machine is necessary.

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The defective products and nozzle materials can be promptly put into the plastic crusher and crushed to be small plastic pellets. After crushing them, we have to keep the crushed material clean and dry, and use Vacuum Autoloader and "two material proportional valve" working together to add the grinded pellets into virgin materials in a fixed reasonable ratio to production line directly.

We can also use plastic mixing machine to mix the grinded material and virgin material in advance. After that, we can add the mixed material into production line.


The advantage of the "crushing ratio mixed recovery system" formed by the plastic crusher and other auxiliary equipment (hopper dryer, honeycomb dehumidifier, industrial water chiller, mold temperature controller machine, etc.) is that the nozzle material is not contaminated, which causes the physical properties of the plastic (strength, Density, color and gloss) are not damaged, so it can improve the quality of the product, its benefits include cost and material savings, automation of process management, quasi-unmanned workshop actions, enhanced competitiveness, and environmentally friendly manufacturing activities.

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