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What Are Plastic Granulators And Plastic Crushers?

Jul. 04, 2020

As the name implies, plastic granulator is a machine to granulate plastic material and wastes. Usually, people in Europe and America countries call them plastic granulators, people in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka call them plastic grinder, and most of people call them plastic crusher.

AMG1000H with Dust Separation.jpg

Plastic granulator can crush and recycle all type of plastics and rubber materials, such as shaped tubes, plastic rods, plastic films, waste rubber products, etc., it can crush it and then Extruded in the form of pellets. This type of machinery usually uses alloy steel blades, which have high hardness, long use time, and have a noise reduction effect. Even when the machine is operating, it will not hear too much sound. The extruded plastic particles are melted and reshaped for secondary use.

The most common plastic granulators on the market can be divided into 3 categories. The first category is plastic granulator for hard plastics, which is designed for the processing of some small and medium-sized plastic plates, the caliber is relatively small, and the power is also general. The second category is the powerful plastic crusher, which is aimed at some plastic materials with relatively large hardness and high hardness, with large caliber and high power. The third category is plastic pipe crusher. As the name implies, it is more suitable for the crushing of various types of pipes. The caliber is round and it is a special plastic crusher. Each of the three types of grinders above has its own characteristics. You can purchase them according to your needs.

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