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What is the Principle of Plastic Crusher

Aug. 01, 2022


Plastic is known as the greatest invention of the 21st century. Its appearance completely changed the way we travel. Let us go out to go shopping without holding a bulky basket or woven bag. But the problem has also followed. Over time the use and popularization of plastic scope of time, we found that the degradation speed of this material is very slow, the impact on land fertility is also great, and the problem of white garbage is becoming more and more serious, so people people are becoming more and more serious, so people people are becoming more serious, so people are people. Start the white garbage recycling, and use it for multiple use through the melting.


Let me introduce to you first--what is the plastic crusher?

Plastic crusher, as the name suggests, is a machine used to smash plastic. But don't think that he can crush and manufacture all plastic. It can only crush various plastic plastic and rubber materials, such as different types of pipes, plastic rods, plastic film, waste rubber products, etc. Squeeze out in the form of particles. This kind of machinery usually uses alloy steel blade, has a high hardness, long use time, and has a muffled effect. Even when the machine is operating, it will not hear too much sound. The crowded plastic particles melt and reshape them for secondary use.


The most common plastic crusher in the market can generally be divided into 3 categories. The first category is a hard plastic crusher, which is designed for the processing of some small and medium -sized plastic boards. The caliber is relatively small and the power is average. The second category is a powerful plastic crusher. It is aimed at some plastic materials that are relatively large and highly high. The caliber is very large and the power is high. The third category is plastic pipe pieces. As the name suggests, it is more suitable for crushing processing of various pipes, with a circular diameter and a dedicated plastic crusher. The above three kinds of fragments have their own characteristics. You can buy according to your own needs.


Let me introduce the working principle of the plastic crusher.

When the plastic crusher is working, we put the old plastic recovered in the feed port. First enter the low -speed rotating low -temperature steel impeller. In the state, these powder will enter a place with a sieve, the small particles will enter the next granular stage, and the slightly larger raw material will be sent to the crushed box to continue to shatter. The small granules are directly compressed into granular discharge machines.

What is the Principle of Plastic Crusher

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