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Attentions for feeding materials into plastic crusher equipment

Sep. 04, 2022

Plastic crusher is also called plastic granulator, plastic mill or plastic grinder. It is a high -speed squeezing and cutting type crushing equipment. Through the cut force between the fixed blades and rotating blades in the crushing room, the plastic is crushed small, until the size of material is smaller than the hole of screen mesh, the qualified crushed material will be removed and passe through the sieve mesh by centrifugal force. The plastic which is bigger than the screen mesh holes size, will be repeatedly cut and the crushing process is repeatedly thrown up.

1. The feeding capacity should be appropriate.

Learn to judge through the sound. The production capacity of different machine models is also very different. For those who do not understand how much is suitable, you can test it after the device is bought, and test the broken ability of the device from less to more. If the crushing sound is large in the plastic crusher, it means that there are more materials in the inside. We have to wait until the noise is smaller to feed material again.

2. Based on machine motor power selection.

For most of injection molding manufacturers, the injection molding sprues and bars is in different sizes, they are small and medium -sized waste. It is rare to have large blocks. In order to save costs, you dont need to choose and buy heavy duty plastic crusher. Using conventional models can meet most requirements.But occasionally, we have some large size plastic wastes or product we have to crush. In this case, we cant feed the large materials into plastic crusher directly, they have to be cut into small pieces by saw in advance, and then feed the small pieces into plastic crushing machine, to avoid stuck because of insufficient power. If you get stuck, stop the crusher immediately, then take out the large piece of material, and cut it in small pieces and feed into crusher again. Of course, when there is enough budget, we can choose large size granulator and heavy-duty plastic crusher equipment directly.

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