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Market Segmentation of Plastic Crusher Machine

Jul. 09, 2022

Plastic crusher is used to crush waste plastic and factory plastic corners. Plastic crusher is widely used in waste plastic regeneration and recycling of factory corners. The motor power of the plastic crusher is between 3.5 and 150 kW, and the speed of the blade wheel is generally between 150 and 500rpm. The structure is different from the feed and the top feed on the top; the knife shaft is different from the solid knife shaft and the hollow knife shaft.


AUMAX PLAST refined and developed a blade shear crushing machine developed and produced according to the principle of waste plastic low -temperature crushing principle based on the principle of low temperature crushing of waste plastic. The crushing processing of rubber is currently the mainstream waste plastic crushing and regeneration processing equipment in the market. This equipment is suitable for crushing the corner of waste plastic waste, injection molding mold, and the corners of the molding mold. On the equipment composition, the machine consists of a knife frame, knife, belt wheel, sieve net, inlet warehouse, machine seat, material port, etc. Because the crusher is designed as a straight knife tilt split, The actual needs of plastic crushing.


Waste plastic crusher is convenient to operate, easy to change the knife, and the large structure of the flat knife is suitable to improve the crushing efficiency; the crusher has an electronic control safety design, the motor has a overload protection device and the power chain protection system, making the equipment good Safety and environmental protection are durable. This waste plastic crusher can be used as a thin film crushing recycling system such as a suction fan and a reservoir barrel.

 Market Segmentation of Plastic Crusher Machine

If your recycling range is large, it is recommended that you choose the PC series plastic crusher developed by our AUMAX PLAST; the PC series plastic crusher uses a solid welding steel structure. There are many types of materials that can be crushed, which can meet the requirements of waste recycling in different industries. It is suitable for woven bags, film, water inlet, tape, PET bottles, pipes, sheets, rubber, large solid materials, and waste materials generated during the mold injection process. Designed by the material, it is a universal recycling equipment. Equipped with large rotor bearing, knife racks and rotation shafts.


Standard V -type cutting technology is conducive to improving cutting and recycling efficiency and reducing the dust content in the recycling material. The partial rotation wedge is a removable attachment with the third knife, which can meet different crushing requirements by simply disassembling. Other standard devices also include the risk of reducing pollutants into the bearing of the bearing. Customers can choose the appropriate knife roller structure based on the required shattered materials.


AUMAX PLAST is always professional engaged in cleaning and recycling equipment, crusher, plastic tears, crusher, plastic crusher, pipe torn machine, powerful crusher, PET bottle cleaning production line PE film cleaning line PP plastic cleaning line and other waste plastic cleaning lines and other waste plastic cleaning lines The development and production of equipment such as recycling has mature technical experience and is committed to the research and development of various cleaning and recycling models and technical points.

Market Segmentation of Plastic Crusher Machine

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