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Special plastic grinder for TPU, TPR, TPE, PU, rubber and other elastomers

Jan. 23, 2021

Aumax brand special rubber, plastic and other soft plastic shredders can solve the adhesion of materials in the process of customer use. The unique body design solves each problem for customers.


Features of Aumax brand powerful crusher:

1. Imported high-quality motor, stable operation and low noise.

2. According to different materials to be crushed, high-quality tools such as SKD all-steel and SKD-11 high-speed steel are equipped to make the crushing smoother and the tools more durable.

3. The original claw-knife type double-sided cutting edge can continue to be used by changing the direction when the tool is worn, reducing the number of tool grinding

4. Beautiful and generous structure, small footprint, convenient installation and movement

5. The box of the crushing chamber is a sandwich, filled with sound-proof materials, effectively reducing working noise

6. The all-steel frame and base enhance the stability of the machine body.

7. A double-layer sealing device is installed behind the crushing chamber, and the knife body is closely matched to prevent the powder from leaking into the bearing seat and increasing the load of the motor.

8. The mainframe is equipped with a circulating water system to effectively reduce the working temperature of the body

 Special plastic grinder for TPU, TPR, TPE, PU, rubber and other elastomers

TPU, TPR, TPE, PU, rubber and other soft plastics cannot be crushed by impact, and can only be cut by the sharp edge of the tool. At the same time, these plastics are very easy to stick due to friction and heating. Aumax brand plastic shredder uses SKD-11 cutters, which has excellent cutting force, and is equipped with water circulation on the fuselage box to keep the fuselage running at low temperatures, reduce the adhesion of materials, make the feeding smoother, and improve the crushing effect .

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