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Why choose Aumax Plastic Crusher Manufacturer for PET plastic crusher?

Jan. 04, 2021

 Plastic PET crusher, also known as plastic recycling crusher, crushed materials such as plastic tubes, rods, threads, films, waste rubber products, etc.; equipment for recycling materials that is indispensable in injection molding, blister molding, and blow molding industries, not only It can improve the product and reduce the cost of production. How to choose a good brand of PET plastic crusher when purchasing?


       In the rapid development of the plastics industry, you will find that most of the equipment’s appearance is similar. When we can’t judge the quality from the appearance, we should wait for the comparison of products from the production process and materials. Based on good quality, what are the advantages of Aumax PET plastic crusher?


       Made of double-layer steel, high-quality steel, durable, rust-proof and anti-corrosion, long-term use will not affect performance due to crushed materials, pure copper motor, long service life, low power consumption, built-in soundproof partition, effectively preventing vibration and noise, the motor has Overload protection and power supply interlocking device, the blades are selected in four different types, different materials are selected for different blades, the crushing is more uniform, the hopper, the main body, and the screen frame are easy to disassemble and worry-free.


       Aumax Plast focuses on plastic crushers and has more than ten years of rich experience. From product technology research and development, manufacturing, sales and services, an integrated complete system, we will listen to customer needs and customize suitable plastic molding equipment. The solution is to focus on professionalism and insist on good quality equipment to have a foothold in the plastic crusher industry. Only good quality plastic crushers can win more customers’ recognition and continue to buy back. We believe that Aumax PET plastic crusher is your best choice!

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