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China Plastic Crusher Manufacturer -- Aumax Plast

Jan. 23, 2021

The plastic shredder has a wide range of applications, and can be intensively crushed and recycled plastic products of various materials and shapes;

 The processing technology is mature, the box body, the tool holder and other important parts are processed as a whole to ensure the matching accuracy;

Reasonable structure, convenient operation, power saving, durable, efficient and economical;

 Equipped with multiple safety protection devices to ensure safe operation;

 The feeding hopper of the plastic crusher can be designed with double layers to reduce noise


    The steel welded base of the plastic crusher is sturdy and durable, and the hopper is made of stainless steel, which can be used to make all stainless steel plastic crushers;

The main shaft is rough, with high machining accuracy, stable operation and long life; imported chrome steel double-edged cutters, sharp blades, interchangeable heads, durable;

Optimized design of the knife holder, the claw-shaped knife holder is spirally distributed, which can disperse the strength of the scrap, reduce the impact of the scrap, and make the crushing and shearing force of each claw knife greater;

Easily disassembled design is easy to repair and clean, and has a double-layer structure, equipped with sound insulation materials, and low noise;

Equipped with motor overload and power supply chain protection system to ensure safe operation;

 China Plastic Crusher Manufacturer -- Aumax Plast

   Ningbo Aumax Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of plastic molding machinery and auxiliary equipment. The company is located in "World Injection Molding Machine Factory"-Ningbo, China. The plant covers an area of 5000 square meters. Aumax Plast has strong manufacturing R&D capabilities, advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel, years of manufacturing experience; product quality is stable and reliable!


    Aumax Plast specializing in the production of plastic crushers, plastic shredders, plastic granulators, rubber crushers, film crushers, machine-side recycling crushers, medium-speed crushers, small plastic crushers, woven bag crushers and so on.

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