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Plastic Recycling

Jul. 09, 2018

The traditional way of disposing of waste plastics is landfill and incineration. Landfill not only needs to occupy a large number of sites. If the anti-seepage measures are improper, it is easy to make the leachate into the surrounding surface water or infiltrate into the soil, and the environment around the landfill and The health of residents constitutes a long-term serious threat. The direct incineration of waste plastics may result in dioxin-contaminated atmosphere. The toxic and harmful substances in the bottom ash after incineration are further enriched, and still need to be landfilled or further harmlessly treated.

Therefore, recycling and recycling of waste plastics is more advantageous. Different plastics can be collected and classified into granulated pellets for use as recycled plastics. It can also be used to re-integrate plastics into monomers by pyrolysis and other technologies. Recycling of resources. The recycling and recycling of waste plastics is environmentally friendly, and the recycling and recycling of waste plastics can be used twice to save resources.

Aumax® is a famous Asian manufacturer and supplier of machinery for plastics industry. Through more than 15 years of development, we have a complete range of auxiliary equipment which widely applied in plastic processing, plastic molding and plastic recycling industry, such as Heavy-duty Plastic Granulator, Hopper Dryer, etc.  Know more about plastic recycling, welcome to contact us. 

Heavy-duty Plastic Granulator

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