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Development Trend of Plastic Granulation Extruder

Jul. 05, 2018

1.The extruder is moving toward large-scale, high-speed, and high-efficiency. Increasing the screw diameter can increase the productivity of the extruder. When the diameter of the screw is doubled, the productivity of the extruder can be increased several times.

Another effective way to increase the production capacity is to increase the rotational speed of the screw, but the increase in the rotational speed will cause problems such as poor plasticization, which prompts people to study and test the extrusion theory and the structure of the screw.

2. The auxiliary equipment of the extruder has also been perfected and standardized to meet the requirements of different plastic products.

3. Extrusion automation, using the microcomputer to test and control the process parameters of the extruder, the temperature difference can be controlled within ±1 °C. Extrusion equipment uses microelectronics technology to make plastic extrusion processing to the direction of accuracy, precision, energy saving and automation.

4. In order to meet the requirements of new materials and new processes, new or special extruders are constantly emerging. Such as three-screw extruder and planetary multi-screw, no-screw extruder, reactive extruder, two-color extruder, foaming extruder and so on.

Today, modern plastic pelletizing extruders have adopted modern electronic and computer control techniques to perform on-line inspection of the entire extrusion process and use closed-loop control of the microcomputer. In order to meet the diversified needs of production development, plastic molding technology has flourished towards modern, efficient, large-scale production and intelligent control.

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