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Three Tricks To Properly Maintain The Mixer

Jul. 12, 2018

Gravimetric Blender is also known as Gravimetric Mixer Machin, so how should you perform routine maintenance? Let me talk about the little tricks of daily maintenance.

1. Move the mouth again. When the mixer is faulty, do not respond to the first action. You should first ask before and after the fault occurs and the fault phenomenon.

2, the first external and internal: should first check the equipment for obvious cracks, defects, understand its maintenance history, age, etc., and then check the machine. Before the disassembly, the surrounding fault factors should be excluded, and it can be disassembled after it is determined to be an internal fault. Otherwise, blind disassembly may worsen the equipment.

3, first mechanical after the electrical: only after determining that the mechanical parts are not faulty, then carry out electrical inspections. When checking the circuit fault, you should use the testing instrument to find the fault location, and confirm the faultless fault after the contact, and then check the operational relationship between the line and the machine in order to avoid misjudgment.

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