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The Importance of Filter Cleaning for Mold Temperature Controller

Aug. 15, 2020

    Mold temperature controller is more and more widely used in injection molding industry nowadays. The main part of the mold temperature controller is the pipeline, and the pipeline must be unblocked, so the filter is very important. Here we mainly talk about the correct use of the mold temperature machine filter.


     The mold temperature controller is also called the mold thermoregulator, and its main function is to accurately control the mold temperature. The mold here is not general mold in a narrow sense. It can be a reactor, a hot plate, a vulcanizing plate, an oven, a heating fin, a roller, a coating machine, or a rubber-plastic extruder injection molding machine.


     The three main components of the mold temperature controller: circulating pump, heating tube, and electric control part. But on each machine there is a very conspicuous component that everyone is not paying attention to-the filter. The function of the oil temperature machine filter is very simple: filter the heat transfer oil or water and other media into the mold temperature machine.

     Pay attention during use: Firstly, make sure to use a clean heat transfer medium, such as pure water for water. If the heat transfer oil is used, it is best to replace it every six months, so that the filter can pass through with less impurities and not easy to block. Secondly, the pipeline of the mold temperature machine needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a month to clean out internal impurities. Third, the filter net cover of the filter is cleaned regularly, as long as it is removed, it is best to take it off every month and take a wash. Because the main part of the mold temperature controller is the pipeline, the filter is very important. Regular inspection and cleaning can ensure the smoothness of the pipeline and extend its life.


     If you do not pay attention to the filter and clean it irregularly, or even do not install it, it may cause the pipeline to be blocked. The direct manifestation is that the circulating pump cannot produce pressure, and the pipeline may be blocked for a long time, the heating tube is burned out, and the final repair is not done. Therefore, we must pay attention to the function of the filter, and we must install it, and we must check and clean it regularly.

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