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Attentions to Feeding Materials into Plastic Crusher Machine

Aug. 15, 2020

Plastic granulator is also called plastic recycling crusher. It is a kind of high-speed squeezing and cutting crushing equipment. Through the mutual shearing force between the rotary blades and the fixed blades in the crushing chamber, the plastic is crushed and cut, so that the plastic is constantly changed to be small. When the size of the material is smaller than the hole size of screen mesh, the qualified crushed material will be released from the screen by rotating centrifugal force, and the plastic that does not reach the specified size is thrown upward to continue the cutting and crushing process.


1. Material feeding quantity should be appropriate, learn to judge by sound

       The production capacity of different models of crusher equipment is also very different. For those models we don’t know how much materials can be fed, we can test the equipment when received the granulating machine, and test the crushing ability of the equipment from less to more; the other method is to distinguish by sound. If the crushing sound is louder in the plastic crusher, it means that there is more material inside. If you continue to add material, you should wait until the sound is lower, that is, there is less material in the crushing chamber before feeding material again.


2. Feed material according to machine power

       The leftovers and mold runners of injection molding is different, sometimes small and sometimes big. For example, some manufacturers mostly have small and medium waste materials, but sometimes have large blocks. In order to save costs, they don’t want to buy heavy-duty plastic crushers, because most of medium models can meet the requirements. But before we feed a big plastic blocks into a small crusher machine, we have to pay attention to large pieces of material. The large plastic blocks and lumps should be cut into small pieces and put into the crusher to avoid jams due to insufficient power. If jams occur, stop machine working immediately, then take out the big pieces, cut them into small pieces and put them into crusher again.


       Of course, it is better to directly choose large-scale and heavy-duty plastic crushing equipment if we have sufficient procurement budget.


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