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How to Operate and Maintain Plastic Crusher

May. 13, 2021

Small mini size plastic recycling crushers are the best-selling products of Aumax Plast, including small and medium-sized slow-speed crushers, medium-speed crushers, injection molding machine side crushers, and PET bottle crushers, mini small plastic granulators. The scope of application is more common, and there are more customers buying them. So what must be paid attention to in the application of plastic crushers? How to operate and maintain is appropriate?

    Professional plastic crusher manufacturer in China, Aumax Plast indicate that the final goal is to use small plastic crushers to crush materials for a long time, with few common failures, good characteristics, and high efficiency. How can this advantage be maintained? It is necessary for everyone to master the key points in the operation.

    (1) To start plastic crusher machine without material, pay attention that the material in the crushing cavity should be emptied before shutting down.

    (2) Material feeding should be evenly balanced. If you don't do that, it is likely to cause blockage or uneven feed particle size distribution.

    (3) Pay attention to the fact that metal materials cannot be contained in the plastic material. First, metal materials cannot be crushed by the plastic crusher, and secondly, the damage to the small crusher is greater.

    (4) Always check the application status of wearable parts such as blades, screens, belts, etc. If any problems are found, they should be handled properly.

    (5) Pay attention to check whether the sizes, dimensions, thickness, diameters of the feed material are suitable or not. If they are too big, the materials must be cut or shredded in advance, or change a bigger model size of plastic crusher machine.

    (6) Check the tightness and looseness of the screws of each component every day, and handle them properly if there is an error.

    (7) The operation means that the operating staff should check the temperature of the rolling bearing immediately. If the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it needs to be shut down and checked.

    (8) Always check the lubrication condition to maintain the good condition of the air intake system.

How to Operate and Maintain Plastic Crusher

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