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Inspection and mMaintenance of Plastic Crusher

May. 13, 2021

  China plastic crusher manufacturer, Aumax Plast introduces to everyone the overhaul and maintenance of plastic crushers and shredders.


    1. Overhaul of plastic crusher machine

    The key damage parts of the plastic crusher machine include rotating blades, fixed blades, rotating shaft, motor shaft and rolling bearings, blade set screws, anchor bolts and stainless steel screen meshes.


    The overhaul cycle time of the plastic crusher depends on the service life and application level of the blade. Removal and replacement of blades, cutting damaged blades, and adjusting the clearance of intersections are all responsibilities of overhaul work. The interval is generally more than ten days.


    Equipment overhaul work is carried out every six months to a year, including dismantling and replacing blades, dismantling and replacing rolling bearings, inspecting rotating shafts, stainless steel screens, and repairing transmission devices.


    The maintenance work is carried out every one to two years. The motor rotor with the blade is changed, the housing of the personal studio is overhauled, and the transmission is overhauled.


    2. Maintenance of plastic crusher

    a. Part of the protective cover of each transmission system of the plastic crusher should be permanently maintained solid and detailed. The plastic crusher cannot be driven without a detailed protective cover.

    b. The plastic crusher is not suitable for continuous work for 24 hours. When the temperature rises too high, it can be shut down moderately.

    c. Regularly maintain the gap between the blade edges and intersections in the room during the work of the plastic crusher, and often check the blade set screws and anchor bolts to prevent the blade from loosening.

    d. Every shift should remove the residual raw materials in the room during work.

    e. The main shaft bearings, rolling bearings, reducers, etc. of the plastic crusher should be removed and replaced on time according to relevant requirements.

    f. Every shift needs to drip oil once to the humidifying hole of each part of the plastic crusher.


    Above is the overhaul and maintenance of the plastic crusher that the machinery and equipment of Aumax Plast introduced for everyone in detail, and I look forward to helping everyone to better use the plastic crusher.

Inspection and mMaintenance of Plastic Crusher

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