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Aumax Plast: Introduction of plastic chemical barrel crusher

Jan. 04, 2021

With the rapid development of the industry, the use of plastic barrels for packaging and storage is also increasing. Plastic barrels are often used for liquid storage and storage due to their low production cost, corrosion resistance, lighter weight, and recyclability. Transportation is widely used in chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, hardware and electronics, electromechanical and other industries;


       Plastic buckets can be used repeatedly, but the waste water in the cleaning process is discharged at will, causing serious environmental pollution, or some plastic buckets are used up even if they are disposed of Reuse, then choose a suitable plastic barrel crusher for material crushing treatment to prevent secondary pollution, reduce material costs and at the same time alleviate waste materials. The following editor of Aumax Plast will introduce to you the recommendation of a special plastic crusher for plastic barrels.


       The special crusher for plastic barrels can be applied to paint barrels, chemical barrels, plastic beverage pipes, PE plastic barrels. The specifications and dimensions of the plastic barrel crusher are AMG-800 AMG-800+, AMG-800H, AMG-1000H, AMG-1200H, AMG-1000SH, AMG-1200SH, AMG-1400SH. Aumax plastic crusher has a complete range of models and sizes. You can choose a suitable plastic barrel crusher according to customer needs. For details, please consult our tool staff.


       Now people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection. Plastic barrels bring environmental pollution and can reduce production costs. Businesses in many industries will choose plastic barrel crushers for crushing particles, while Aumax plastic barrel crushers use super large Imported materials, widened and enlarged duck head feeding design, the feeding port can be blanked on four sides, suitable for population and mechanical feeding, convenient and fast, super large storage drawer, 20 cm longer drawer, bottom with firm roller; overload power failure , Brand motor, direct drive shaft out of the motor, stable performance, low noise, longer output shaft, reduce failure rate, the machine is loaded with overload automatic power-off technology, and the selection of blades is suitable for different materials.


       The above briefly introduces the model and product characteristics of the plastic barrel crusher. If you need more information about the plastic crusher, you can contact our technical staff, and we will provide you with a suitable product application program.

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