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Application of Plastic Crusher

Dec. 15, 2022

Application of Plastic Crusher:

      The plastic crushing and recycling equipment that is indispensable in the injection industry in the injection industry. It mainly crushes various types of soft and hard plastic, crushing the block, spherical, sheet, and strip plastic Utilization rate.

     The size of the dismissal: The granulated granules can be determined according to the size of the sieve mesh. The standard sieve pore diameter is 8-10mm. Non -standard screening diameter can be customized by 4mm, and more than 4mm can be customized as required.


Function of Plastic Crusher:

1. The structure of the V-type paddle knife is between the C-type claw knife and the F-type flat knife. It is called a universal knife crusher.

2. Aumax plastic crusher is suitable for crushing ordinary mold sprues, plastic sheets, plastic pipes, PVC profiles, plates and packaging materials and other plastic products and portal ports.

3. The knife design is reasonable, the product is uniform, less dust, and fast.

4. General -oriented plastic crusher uses sealing bearing to keep the bearing rotate well for a long time.

5. The plastic crusher blade is heat treated and the shape is functional with high performance.

6. The plastic crushing machine has an electrical control safety design. The fighting is a double -layer structure. The inside filling materials are filled with insulation materials. The motor has a super load protection device and the power chain protection system, so that the plastic granulating equipment has good security and environmental protection, and saves power and durable.

 Application of Plastic Crusher


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