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Why Do Customers Repurchase Aumax Plastic Crusher Again?

Apr. 02, 2021

There are many plastic granulator manufacturers in the market, and the competition is fierce, with competition in price, quality, and craftsmanship. According to the Aumax Plast, which has been specialized in the production and development of plastic recycling machines for more than 20 years, there are only a handful of manufacturers that truly specialize in customized crushers. According to our experience, most manufacturers do not have much R&D capabilities, and their products are outsourced, so they get goods from others.


Aumax Plast is also a professional manufacturer that has grown from one or two products to a professional manufacturer that has sufficient strength to research and develop and customize plastic crushers according to customer needs. After so many years of hard work, we have always been able to give customers a suitable production plan, and the customers are ultimately satisfied with our products and services. Slowly accumulating many trusted customers, more than 20 years of offline experience, allowing customers to use one machine for multiple purposes, greatly increasing output and reducing labor costs.


Although the plastic granulator and shredder is a very traditional mechanical product, Aumax Plast also conforms to the trend of the times. There are also online website promotion which can meet customers' online inquiry, release demand, and offline delivery services. Aumax AMG Series Plastic Granulators are the most popular and repurchased models by customers all over the world. Of course, many other series plastic crushers and plastic grinders have been repurchased by customers for long-term cooperation. While guaranteeing quality, we will also give appropriate discounts to our old customers and better serve our customers.


We will also often popularize some common knowledge about plastic shredders in our website and other internet platform. For example, plastic shredders are generally used to smash various plastics and rubbers. The pellets can be directly discharged from the discharge port as raw materials for production. Ordinary plastic shredders can only smash small plastic objects. If you want to smash large plastic objects, you need to manually cut the large plastic objects and then smash them. This is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of labor. Let consumers know the industry better, understand their real needs, and won't buy the wrong things.


What Aumax Plast has always advocated is that R&D, production, sales, and service all think from the perspective of customers, and solve practical problems for them based on their needs. Therefore, our masters who develop the crusher will stand from the perspective of the customer and developed this large-caliber DK series crusher. The feed inlet of the crusher is upgraded and enlarged, and the large plastic bottles and plastics that need to be crushed can be upgraded. Baskets, plastic buckets, etc., can be directly put in to smash. They do not need to be divided before smashing as before. The machine feeds fast and the powder is fast.

The shutter curtain of our company's crusher uses abrasion-resistant embossed rubber and high-toughness transparent rubber, parallel cutting design, easy to jam and not easy to fly. The crusher uses a well-known brand of pure copper motor, which has strong power and stable performance. Long-lasting life, reasonable space design of the knife chamber, no material jam, solid inner wall, stable noise reduction, steel refined blades made by our own factory, sharper and more durable, tool gap adjustable, detachable, blades can be customized according to customer needs, The size of the screen mesh of the crusher can be customized according to requirements, and the machine discharges stable and uniform particles.

Aumax Plast supports sample test machines, and welcomes all customers to visit our factory.

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