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What are the characteristics of Plastic Granulator?

Dec. 02, 2019

Plastic Granulator is mainly used in the recycling and granulation of waste plastic products in daily life. What characteristics does it have for the production of plastic granules? How to be trusted by customers? There are mainly these reasons:

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

① The equipment of plastic granulator is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the investment of plastic granule molding product line is relatively small.

② Plastic granulators can continuously produce pellet products with high production efficiency. Zh

③ The length of the extruded pellet products can be infinitely extended as required.

④ The production operation of extrusion molding is relatively simple, the product quality is relatively easy to guarantee, and the production cost of the product is relatively low.

⑤ The production line for plastic granulators has a small footprint and a neat production environment.

⑥ Plastic granulators have a wide range of applications. They can be used to extrude various thermoplastic plastic granules. They can also be used for mixing raw materials, plasticizing raw materials, supplying filtered melt for the calender, and granulating.

⑦Maintenance and repair of plastic granulators are relatively easy and simple.

Which plastic products can be extruded by plastic granulation machine:

Plastic Film Granulator can continuously extrude plastic particles of various cross-section geometries.It can be used for films, sheets, plates, rigid tubes, hoses, corrugated tubes, profiles, wires, cables, packaging tapes, rods, nets and Composite film and so on. Plastic granulators can repeatedly produce hollow products, such as barrels and bottles.

Several common types of plastic granulators:

There are many types of plastic granulators. According to the number of screws in the plastic granulators, there are single-screw plastic granulators, twin-screw plastic granulators and multi-screw plastic granulators. Single screw plastic granulators can be divided into exhaust type single screw plastic granulators and universal single screw plastic granulators. There are several types of twin-screw plastic granulators, including two-screw co-rotation and counter-rotation, parallel twin-screw and conical twin-screw.

Notes on the purchase of granulators:

1. With the main and sub-machines, double screw feed.

2. The gearbox is better, the gears inside must be heat treated, and the bearings are adjustable.

3. The gearbox, screw, barrel, nose and wear parts must be treated with strength, and the life is guaranteed for more than 1 year.

4. The main parts should be made of standard materials.

5. Reducers are purchased by professional manufacturers. Plastic Granulator Supplier assembles them better for quality assurance and after-sales maintenance.

6. Have a distribution cabinet.

7. The most important thing of the equipment is better screw and barrel quality.

8. The washing machine must be produced continuously without stopping the machine for water change and cleaning the pool, otherwise the efficiency is extremely low.

9. The heating should be divided into sections, and the divided heating should be controlled uniformly.

10. There must be a supporting waste plastic washing machine, which uses circulating water and does not need to discharge sewage.

11. Efficient power saving.

12. The length to diameter ratio of the machine should be reasonable (the screw length is a multiple of the screw diameter).

13. The larger the model, the higher the output.

14. Have dual exhaust.

15. The heating power of the granulator flange (die head) is very important. It should be designed at 2.5W per square centimeter (cross-sectional area).

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