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Do you know the specific operation content of Low-speed Granulator?

Dec. 09, 2019

Low-speed Granulator is a series of links including equipment, adjustment, commissioning, operation, protection and repair of the machine. Special attention should be paid to its characteristics when using the granulator. It is obviously very important to grasp the key to the operation of the granulator. Since the use of mechanical equipment will naturally cause wear and tear, and wear will occur to a certain degree, reasonable and correct operating methods will greatly reduce the wear and tear. Speed, extending the service life of the machine, so it is necessary to know the operation strategy of the granulator. As a Low-speed Granulator Manufacturers introduction to the specific content of :

Low-speed Granulator Manufacturers

Low-speed Granulator Manufacturers 

1. Preparatory operation of pelletizer operation: Plastics used for extrusion molding should pay attention to their boring questions. The primary raw materials should reach the required boring requirements and further boring if necessary. The material is sieved to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

2. When the granulator is operating, check whether the water, electricity and gas systems in the equipment are normal to ensure that the water and gas channels are unblocked and not leaked. The electrical system is normal. The heating system, temperature control, and various appearances are not working. Reliable; low-speed test operation of auxiliary equipment at empty speeds, investigate whether the equipment is operating normally; launch a vacuum pump on the setting table, investigate whether the operation is normal; lubrication of various equipment is smooth and smooth. 

3. Install the machine head and setting sleeve. Select the standard of the machine head according to the type and size of the product. Install the machine head in the following order.

4. Granulator operation.

5. You can drive after constant temperature. Tighten the bolts of the machine head and the pelletizer flange again before driving to eliminate the thermal expansion of the bolts and the machine head. The order of tightening the machine head bolts is diagonal, and the force should be uniform. . When tightening the flange nut of the machine head, it is necessary to tighten the joints nearby, otherwise, the material will be lost.

6. When the granulator is in operation, press the "ready to drive" button, then connect the "drive" button, and then slowly turn the screw speed adjustment knob to start the screw speed slowly. Then gradually speed up, with a small amount of feed. Pay close attention to the change of the indication of the host ammeter and various indication meters when feeding. Screw torque cannot cross the red label. When the granulator is in operation, before the plastic profile is extruded, no one should stand in front of the die to avoid injuries caused by the bolts breaking or the material being wet and foaming. After the plastic is extruded from the die, it is necessary to gradually cool the extrudate and introduce it to the traction equipment and the setting die, and start these equipment. Then according to the manipulative indicators and the demand for extruded products. Adjust each part accordingly so that the entire extrusion operation reaches normal conditions. And according to the demand to add enough material, the twin-screw granulator is operated with a metering feeder to uniformly and uniformly feed. We also have Central Granulator For Sale, welcome to consult.

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