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Plastic Crusher Machine Type

Dec. 11, 2020

1. Plastic crusher for hard plastic material


    a. Used for crushing and recycling of ABS, PE, PP and other boards.


    b. For the rectangular supply ports that are crushed and designed differently, the band plate is invested in crushing, and the work performance is improved. The system software can use centrifugal fans and discharge barrels more effectively.


    Sealed bearings are used to maintain the long-term stability of the rolling bearings. The effective blade design makes the goods uniform in shape, thermally shrinkable and unique in appearance design.


2. Powerful plastic grinder


    a. The structure of the blade knife is close to the middle of the claw knife and the round knife, suitable for crushing plastic products such as general plastic plates, pipes, aluminum profiles, plates and packaging products.


    b. General-purpose plastic grinder, using sealed bearings to keep rolling bearing rotation stable for a long time; effective knife-shaped design, using carbon steel cutter head, the product is gelatinous and uniform; the cutter head is resolved by heat shrinkage and has undergone rigorous balanced testing, the appearance design is unique.


3. Plastic pipe plastic crusher


    a. Suitable for crushing and recycling of various plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipe and silicon core pipe.


    b. The uniquely designed round steel pipe-shaped feeding port for crushing pipe materials is conducive to the crushing of strip-shaped pipe funds and improving work efficiency. The system can be more effectively applied to the pipe crushing recovery system.


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