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How to Install Plastic Crusher Machine

Dec. 11, 2020

The principle of the plastic crusher is actually not very difficult. It is to put waste plastic into the crushing chamber, and crush the waste plastic by the rotating and fixed blades. The crushed plastic pieces are discharged from the screen mesh under the crusher. The plastic material that does not meet the expected size will be continuously crushed in the crushing room.


    Plastic crushing equipment can be used for all kinds of plastic barrels, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, plastic barrels, plastic pipe fittings, plastic films, chemical barrels and other materials that are difficult to crush. Plastic shredder: waste plastic, plastic film, plastic barrels, plastic pipes can be taken down in one machine. There are smart shredders that are more powerful than the same industry, and a variety of models are available.


    The plastic shredder and power unit should be fixed on the concrete during application. If the plastic crusher must be moved, it should be installed on a base made of angle steel and maintain the movable pulley groove of the engine and the plastic crusher on the same rotating level. After the plastic shredder is installed, check the tightening of the standard parts. If it is loose, it should be tightened. Also check whether the transmission belt is tight. Pay attention to the actual operation of the plastic shredder at work. The feed should be symmetrical to avoid obstruction of the dirt room. There is no need for long-term overweight equipment. If there are vibrations, noises, rolling bearings, high body temperature, or raw materials gushing outwards, shut down and check.


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