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Installation of Plastic Crsuher Blades

Feb. 17, 2021

The installation of plastic crusher blades is divided into positive and negative points, but it still depends on the direction of rotation of the moving knife. If the moving knife is on the up side, the blade of the fixed knife should be facing downwards, and the side of the moving knife should be facing upwards. The installation master understands the principle of the operation of the crushing machine during the installation process.


Everyone knows that Aumax plastic crusher blade has been used for a long time. Generally, it should be dull when it needs to be sharpened. At this time, don't be greedy and want to sharpen it all at once; you should sharpen the blunt knife in stages, and then sharpen the blade and grind out a sharp knife edge.


General plastic shredder knives are composed of fixed knives and movable knives. The fixed knives are fixed on the wall of the machine, the movable knives are fastened to the rotating main shaft, and the fasteners are fastened by screws to prevent loosening during the crushing process.

 Installation of Plastic Crsuher Blades

Firstly, we must turn off the power, clean up the crushed material in the hopper, then use a tool wrench to unscrew the screws fixed on the chassis, use a wrench to unscrew the fastening screws on the blades, and gently remove the blades one by one Loosen the screws of the knife shaft on both sides of the machine wall in sequence.


If there is no professional and technical maintenance person in the workshop, you can directly call the manufacturer’s after-sales service and ask the maintenance personnel for help. In this process, pay special attention to safety, be careful of the blade scratching your hands, wear protective gloves, and be sure not to do it with your bare hands to avoid injury to your body. . At the same time, ensure the stability of the entire plastic shredder, and do not use excessive force.


If all the blades are installed, try to rotate the knife shaft to see if the rotation is normal, smooth, and if there is any abnormal noise. Check whether it is in the same direction as the direction of the blade indicated by the arrow on the machine. If it is correct, you can close it. Chassis, tighten the fastening screws.


Finally, turn on the power and observe whether the shredder is operating normally and whether the blades of the plastic shredder are installed positively or negatively? If it runs normally, confirm that the blade is installed correctly.

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