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Several Techniques to Improve the Efficiency of Plastic Shredder

Oct. 13, 2020

Plastic shredder machine is suitable for the recycling of plastic waste. It can be used for plastic bottles, plastic braided wires, woven bags, plastic mesh ropes, films, shoe materials, sheets, plastic plates, plastic tubes, rubber and other raw materials. As a professional shredder manufacturer, Aumax would like to share a few tips for improving production efficiency.


1. Control the feeding speed of the plastic shredder. When starting the equipment, when the speed reaches the specified standard, start the feeder. When feeding, it is very important to control the speed. It is necessary to ensure a uniform feeding speed, not too fast or too slow.


  2. Ensure the dryness of the material. If the material to be shredded by the plastic shredder is mixed with moisture, the material may be blocked inside the equipment during the shredding process, which will not only affect the production efficiency of the equipment, but may also cause some damage to the plastic shredder equipment. Damage.


  3. It is also very important that the equipment can perform the shredding work smoothly. Therefore, the plastic shredder must be in a flat position so that the equipment can perform the shredding operation stably.


Mastering the above points in actual production can greatly improve the production efficiency of the plastic shredder and reduce the production cost.


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