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Product Name:

Single Shaft Plastic Shredder

Model No.:

AMS-2260 AMS-3280 AMS-32100 AMS-4080 AMS-40100 AMS-40120 AMS-40150

Product details


NameSingle Shaft Plastic Shredder
Rotor Speedrpm80808080808080
Rotor Working Lengthmm6008001000800100012001500
Rotor Diametermm220320320410410410410
Pusher Strokemm500650650815815815815
Rotating Bladespcs23+442+442+442+454+466+490+4
Fixed Bladespcs4444446
Hopper Inlet Sizemm790x6001100x8001100x10001300x8001300x10001300x12001300x1500
Hydraulic Motor Powerkw1.
Screen DiametermmØ40Ø40Ø40Ø40Ø40Ø40Ø40
Discharge Heightmm450550550565565565565

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1)The output capacity depends on the screen diameter, material specific gravity, thickness, etc.

2) The screen mesh diameter can be made according to customers' request.

3)The running noise depends on varied shredding material.

4)The standard power supply is 3Ø 380V 50Hz. Other power supply is available.


AMS Series Single Shaft Plastic Shredding Machine is designed for a wide range of applications and industries like in house and general recycling, electronic wastes and post consumer wastes handling. The machine can be used to shred many kinds of material like plastic lumps and blocks, plastic pipes, plastic films, woven bags, electronic wastes like cables and ICB, papers, wood and other organic materials. Depending on input material and the following process, the shredded material as defined by the screen mesh size, it can be directly used or go into the next step of recrushing by AMG series granulators. The machine has special design to ensure the material out of pollution and heat. The characterized of compact structure, nice appearance, easy operation, optimized rotating blades, minimum energy consumption and high efficiency.


> Separate type electric control panel fixed with Siemens PLC and electric components to ensure a stable working

> Automatic & Manual model is optional for flexible and safe operation.

> Intelligent programmed motor with reverse running when rotor jammed and motor overload

> Safety switch and thermal relay to protect people and machine motor.

> Manual and hydraulic .system to change screen mesh easily

> Twin speed hydraulic system to save to save pusher return time and increase efficiency.

> Imported DC53 material blades and optimized blades structure insure high efficiency and performance

> High safety grade, compact structure design according to European style and standard.

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