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How do I Troubleshoot the Plastic Granulator?

Feb. 24, 2020

As a Plastic Granulator Supplier, share with you.

The Plastic Granulator screw runs normally, but does not discharge, the reason is: the hopper feed is discontinuous; the foreign matter is blocked or generated in the "bridge" feed port; the hard material blocks the screw groove and the metal falls into the screw groove, which can not feed normally; processing method : Continuously and steadily increasing the feed volume to feed the screw; Foreign matter eliminates the phenomenon of "bridge" and shuts down and removes the material; If it is dropped into the screw groove, it is confirmed that there is metal foreign matter, the screw should be stopped immediately to remove the foreign metal.

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

Or the main machine does not rotate due to instantaneous shutdown. The reason is: the power is not connected to the main motor; the time is insufficient to heat up and not to work or one of its heaters, which greatly overloads the motor and causes excessive torque. Handling method: whether to check the circuit of the host and turn on the power; check each section of the temperature display to confirm the preheating temperature rise time, or if there is a bad contact phenomenon, check whether each heater is damaged and remove it.

Exhaust vents cause: clean raw materials with impurities are not enough; screw extrusion is unstable due to fast feed speed; insufficient plasticization temperature causes screw extrusion problems. Treatment method: Or replace the filter to clean the raw materials before feeding; the screw is extruded smoothly to reduce the feeding amount to stabilize the plasticization; increase the plasticization temperature (the temperature should not be too high to prevent burning plastic and affect the production quality).

The main motor rotates, but the screw does not rotate, the reason is: the transmission V bandwidth is loose, and the wear and tear are slipping; or the safety key is disconnected and loosened loosely. Treatment method: adjust the center distance of the V-belt, tighten the belt, or replace the new V-belt; check the safety key, analyze the cause of the break, and replace the safety key.

The machine circuit needs to be checked regularly, whether the wires are broken, and whether each screw at the end of the wire is crushed to death. Check the plastic grinder cavity for materials or other sundries, and remove it if necessary in a timely manner. Check that all transmission belts are installed correctly and in good condition. If the belts are damaged or cracked, replace them with new ones in time. When there is oil on the belts or sheaves, wipe them clean with a clean cloth. Be sure to install the protective cover belt and belt pulley (things on it will damage the belt, and it will be troublesome or the staff will not be careful). Whether the bearing lubrication is good or not should be checked frequently when in use, and the bearing parts should be regularly refueled. Our company also has Medium-speed Granulator on sale, welcome to consult.

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