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What are the Reasons and Solutions for Plastic Granulator Downtime?

Mar. 03, 2020

When the plastic granule unit is in use, the friction clutch is disengaged, which causes the Plastic Granulator to stop, causing this common failure to occur more frequently. The main motor system's main motor torque is too high or too low; the friction clutch of the transmission system is common Malfunction; high melt pressure of the plastic pellet machine screw process section system; abnormal underwater pelletizer system. Medium-speed Granulator Manufacturer will conduct a detailed analysis of this common and common cause of failure, and come up with a relative solution.

Medium-speed Granulator

Medium-speed Granulator

Torque of main motor is too high

Cause analysis: The oil lubrication system is abnormal, the main motor output shaft and the reducer input shaft are poorly connected, and the motor and clutch vibration will destroy the main motor bearing of the plastic pellet machine, resulting in excessive torque. In addition, excessive loading of the plastic pellet machine or poor material melting will also cause the main motor torque to be too high.

Solutions: Periodically inspect and clean the lubricating oil system, measure the main motor bearings with vibration measuring instruments and infrared thermometers, and generate contrast curves. If the idling current value or power value of the main motor exceeds the specified value, determine whether the rolling bearing should be replaced. Regularly maintain the alignment between the output shaft of the main motor and the input shaft of the reducer. You must check the alignment after three months of initial start or rolling bearing replacement. Carry out electrical test and inspection to clarify the cause of the imbalance of the motor rotor; carry out vibration speed test on the clutch, if it exceeds the specified value, the dynamic balance should be readjusted. Check the heating and cooling water systems of the tube joints regularly to ensure that the materials melt uniformly and adequately when heated. If the plastic pellet machine starts at an instant, the main motor power curve and the melt pressure curve increase instantaneously, it indicates that the loading amount of the loading system is momentarily excessive, and the loading amount should be reduced.

Torque of main motor is too low

Cause analysis: The abnormal feeding system of the plastic pellet machine makes the twin-screw idling to cause the main motor torque to be too low.

Solutions: Check to see if the preservative system or the main material blanking system has common faults, and clear the plugging points.

Common faults of clutch

Cause analysis: The instantaneous starting voltage of the main motor is too low, the friction discs and friction discs are overheated, the friction discs and friction discs are aged, and the gas pressure of the friction discs is too low.

Solution: When the plastic pellet machine is started, it should avoid the peak power consumption and reduce the loading load. The minimum restart interval is 30 minutes. In summer, when the main motor is started repeatedly about 2 times, the time interval or Forced temperature reduction with electric fan.

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