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Do you know the Necessity of Auxiliary Equipment for Plastic Processing?

Feb. 18, 2020

As a Plastic Granulator Supplier, share with you.

In the plastic processing industry, whether it is extrusion, injection molding processing, injection molding, mid-air molding, or blown film, spinning, etc., in addition to the mainframe that meets the requirements, a large number of auxiliary equipment is also required to complete the various items together. Processing steps. The improvement, automation and rationalization of plastic processing auxiliary equipment determine the quality of the products and the company's viability to a certain extent.

According to their functions, plastic auxiliary machines include three types of equipment for feeding systems, temperature control system devices, and crushing equipment for corner waste recycling. In plastic processing, differences play different roles.

Central Granulator

Central Granulator

Feeding system provides high-quality raw materials

The auxiliary processing equipment for the feeding system mainly includes dryness, transportation, measurement verification, and mixing equipment.

Drying equipment is used for pretreatment of materials before forming and processing of hygroscopic materials, such as ABS, POM, PC, PA, PMMA. In some processing of polyolefin plastics, in order to ensure the quality of the products, it is necessary to perform a high degree of dryness. For example, in the production of randomly copolymerized polypropylene PP-R pipes, injection molding of pipe fittings, and polyethylene raw materials for cross-linked polyethylene, the materials need to be dry to the required moisture content. In the production and processing, according to the needs of the raw material moisture content, different dry methods and drying equipment must be used. Oven dryers are often used for fillers and pellets such as PVC. Rotary double cone vacuum dryers are used for heat-sensitive plastics; Hopper Dryer is used for continuous drying.

For the feeding system, a spring tube conveying system and a Roots blower type air conveying system are used for conveying powder materials, and a vacuum feeder is used for feeding particles. Centralized feeding equipment is mostly suitable for large-scale and automated production processes. The equipment is controlled by a computer, and various raw materials are weighed by a measurement and verification device in proportion to the mixer. The hopper is equipped with a material level sensor, which can automatically open or close the storage bucket on the conveying pipe according to the amount of material. The key technology of the centralized feeding system is the accurate measurement and verification of the electronic scale, which can accurately feed the required materials in proportion.

Temperature control to ensure product quality

The heating equipment in the plastic processing process mainly refers to the barrel heating tools of the production line equipment such as extrusion, injection molding processing, and injection molding method.

The mold temperature cooler is mainly used for the temperature cooling of injection molded abrasive tools. It usually has cooling water channels in stamping dies. Refrigerators are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, air-cooled, lightweight, but low heat transfer work capacity, water-cooled heat exchange, large heat transfer, easy to use, generally used.

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