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How does the Medium-speed Granulator work?

Oct. 28, 2019

  Medium-speed Granulator is widely used in the processing of various raw materials. Another insulating plastic pellet machine capable of handling many types of intensively mixed thermoplastic materials, with acceptable maximum impurities of 30% to 40%, plastic trash cans that do not soften or melt, which may contain other non-polymers Such as paper, glass, metal, dirt, and so on.

Medium-speed Granulator

Medium-speed Granulator

  Plastic granulators are made up of more than 60% of the material consisting of polyolefins, which are involved in contaminants (impurities) during softening or melting treatment. The material currently uses various types of waste plastics. The extruder of plastic particles can produce a cross section or variable section with a constant cross section, the size is 15.2cmX15.2cm, the length of the plastic granulator reaches 3.7 m, and the production capacity is 204 kg/h. In the line of h. Pillars and bars, piles, planks and other products.

  The mixed mold is molded in plastic and the plastic pellets can be treated with a mixture of 50% to 70% thermoplastic. The plastic granulator mixes the friction (low melting point) partially melted and automatically adjusts the scraper to remove the molten material from the plastic machine.

  The plastic granulator product of the Medium-speed Granulator Manufacturer is cooled in the mold to the 400 C pop conveyor belt and shipped to the storage. Before use, it is possible to pulverize the waste during the molding of the plastic ball.

  When the plastic granulator is in operation, it must be strictly in accordance with the standard, so that it can extend its service life. Let's take a look at it:

  1. Never use low-quality materials with metal impurities or sediment. Do not place metal objects that may fall into the vicinity of the feed port. Place them in the feed hopper to aggravate the wear of the screw or barrel or cause jamming. Damage.

  2, must pay attention to fire safety, it is forbidden to smoke and carry a lighter next to the machine

  3, non-workers can not be around, not even hands-on operation

  4. Always add lubricant to the parts of the machine to increase fluency.

  Doing so can greatly reduce the failure of the plastic granulator and increase the service life.

  Use of Medium-speed granulator screw:

  The Medium-speed granulator screw is divided into a feeding section, a compression section and a homogenization section according to different uses. The ratio of the three sections of different screws is different, the depth of the screw groove is different, the transition form of the screw bottom diameter is different, and the three sections of the screw of the plastic granulator have different functions and uses:

  (1) Feeding section: This section has a fixed depth of the groove and is used for preheating and plastic solid conveying and extrusion. The plastic begins the melting process at the end of the feed section.

  (2) Compression section: This section is the taper depth of the tapered screw, which is used for melting, mixing, shear compression and pressurized exhaust of plastic raw materials. The plastic will completely dissolve in this section, the volume will shrink, and the compression ratio design is very important.

  (3) Homogenization section: This section is the screw groove fixed groove depth. Its main function is mixing, melt conveying, metering, and sufficient pressure must be provided to maintain the uniform temperature of the melt and stabilize the flow of molten plastic.

  Use of the Medium-speed granulator barrel:

  The Medium-speed granulator barrel is the same as the screw in the plastic granulator extrusion compression molding system and is an important part of the plastic granulator. The barrel and the screw cooperate with each other, the barrel contains the screw, and the screw rotates in the barrel. When the screw rotates to push the plastic to move forward in the barrel, the external heat is transferred from the outside of the barrel to the plastic in the barrel, and the thread volume on the screw is gradually reduced, so that the plastic in the thread groove is squeezed, flipped and cut. After being cut into a variety of forces, it is uniformly mixed and masticated. As it moves toward the front of the barrel, it gradually melts into a viscous flow state, completing the plasticization of the plastic. Our company has Honeycomb Dehumidifier For Sale, welcome to come to consult.

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