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You need to know about the Plastic Granulator.

Oct. 21, 2019

  As a Plastic Granulator Supplier, there is some information you would like to share with you. Use of Plastic Granulator Screw: Plastic Granulator screw is divided into feeding section, compression section and homogenization section according to different purposes. The ratio of the three segments of different screws is different, the screw groove depth is different, the screw bottom diameter transition form is different, and the three sections of the Plastic Granulator screw have different functions and uses:

  (1) Feeding section: This section has a fixed depth of the groove and is used for preheating and plastic solid conveying and extrusion. The plastic begins the melting process at the end of the feed section.

  (2) Compression section: This section is the taper depth of the tapered screw, which is used for melting, mixing, shear compression and pressurized exhaust of plastic raw materials. The plastic will completely dissolve in this section, the volume will shrink, and the compression ratio design is very important.

  (3) Homogenization section: This section is the screw groove fixed groove depth. Its main function is mixing, melt conveying, metering, and sufficient pressure must be provided to maintain the uniform temperature of the melt and stabilize the flow of molten plastic.

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

  Use of the Plastic Granulator barrel: The Plastic Granulator barrel is the same as the screw in the Plastic Granulator extrusion compression molding system and is an important part of the Plastic Granulator. The barrel and the screw cooperate with each other, the barrel contains the screw, and the screw rotates in the barrel. When the screw rotates to push the plastic to move forward in the barrel, the external heat is transferred from the outside of the barrel to the plastic in the barrel, and the thread volume on the screw is gradually reduced, so that the plastic in the thread groove is squeezed, flipped and cut. After being cut into a variety of forces, it is uniformly mixed and masticated. As it moves toward the front of the barrel, it gradually melts into a viscous flow state, completing the plasticization of the plastic.

  There are also problems with the maintenance and maintenance of the granulation production line. Some enterprises' granulation production lines do not pay attention to the pre-work training of maintenance and operation workers, which causes some large and small problems in the operation of the equipment to affect production. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the granulation line during use is very important. Proper use and regular maintenance of the equipment can extend the life of the equipment for 3-5 years.

  1. Keep the machine clean for a long time; when it is stopped for a long time, it must have anti-rust and anti-pollution measures for the machine.

  2. Strictly put the raw materials into the gate, and do not allow any metal and other impurities to be mixed into the material to enter the machine for mixing and extrusion. So as not to damage the aircraft. The feed hopper should be closed when the machine is not in production to prevent debris from entering the screw working area.

  3. The main reducer and the feeding device reducer should check the cleanliness of the internal oil regularly. The new machine should be replaced once after 50 hours of operation. If it is found that the lubricating oil is seriously polluted after normal production, it should be replaced.

  4. When the unit is running, it is necessary to lubricate the parts to be lubricated.

  5. In case of special circumstances, it is necessary to clean down the remaining materials in the machine in case of special circumstances, so as to prevent the polymer from being cooled and solidified, it is difficult to remove, which will affect the next production.

  6. Regularly clean the scale at each cooling water interface of the unit to avoid poor cooling effect or affect temperature control accuracy due to blockage.

  7. The electrical control cabinet should be cleaned once a month to avoid short circuit faults.

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