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How to extend the life of the Plastic Granulator?

Nov. 04, 2019

  When the Plastic Granulator is in operation, it must be strictly in accordance with the standard, so that it can extend its service life. Let's take a look at it:

  1. Never use low-quality materials with metal impurities or sediment. Do not place metal objects that may fall into the vicinity of the feed port. Place them in the feed hopper to aggravate the wear of the screw or barrel or cause jamming. Damage.

  2. must pay attention to fire safety, it is forbidden to smoke and carry a lighter next to the machine

  3. non-workers can not be around, not even hands-on operation

  4. Always add lubricant to the parts of the machine to increase fluency.

  Doing so can greatly reduce the failure of the plastic granulator and increase the service life.

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

  Next, talk about the unstable treatment of the exhaust port of the plastic granulator.

  It is well known that the reason why the exhaust gas is unstable during use of the recycled plastic granulator is that the vent hole is blocked, the degree of vacuum changes, or the volatile matter in the raw material changes. Possible ways to improve exhaust efficiency can be found in the following methods:

  1. Increase the barrel temperature in the first step;

  2. Increase the vacuum in the vent hole;

  3. Preheating the raw materials;

  4. Use a stripping agent.

  The screw design also greatly affects exhaust efficiency, and the exhaust section of the multi-start thread improves exhaust. In addition, it is important that the polymer is completely melted in the first stage of the screw, and that providing a tank mixing section at the end of the first stage of the screw will help ensure complete melting.

  As a Plastic Granulator Supplier, share the analysis and solutions for common failures of plastic granulators.

  Treatment method: (1) Check the feeder to eliminate the fault. (2) Repair the main motor and replace the bearing if necessary. (3) Check that each heater is working properly and replace the heater if necessary. (4) Check the adjustment pad and pull out the screw to check the screw for interference.

  The main motor can not be started. 2. Production reasons: (1) Feeding is uneven. (2) The main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated. (3) A certain heater fails and does not heat up. (4) The screw adjustment pad is incorrect, or the phase is wrong, and the components interfere.

  1. Causes: (1) The driving procedure is wrong. (2) There is a problem with the main motor thread, and the fuse is burned. (3) The interlocking device related to the main motor functions

  2. Treatment method: (1) Check the procedure and restart the drive in the correct driving sequence. (2) Check the main motor circuit. (3) Check if the lubricating oil pump is started and check the status of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump does not turn on and the motor cannot be turned on. (4) Check if the emergency button is reset. (5) After the inverter's induction power is not discharged, turn off the main power and wait for 5 minutes before starting.

  The machine head is not well discharged or blocked

  1. Causes: (1) A certain section of the heater does not work, and the material is not plasticized. (2) The operating temperature setting is low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable. (3) There may be foreign matter that is not easily melted.

  2. Treatment method: (1) Check the heater and replace if necessary. (2) Verify the set temperature of each section, negotiate with the technician if necessary, and increase the temperature setting value. (3) Clean and inspect the extrusion system and the machine head.

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