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Does the development of Plastic Granulator contribute to the progress of society?

Dec. 16, 2019

The invention and creation of Plastic Granulator is the gospel of human beings. However, due to the interests of some unscrupulous owners, the profits brought by recycled plastics through informal and improper methods not only make the recycled plastics unqualified, but also the processing process is rough. There is no sterilization process. The products produced by this kind of workshop are cheap, so they are used in large quantities. So far, there is no effective method to eliminate the ban.

The plastic granulator industry has solved the problem of urban white pollution to a certain extent. Plastic is processed into recycled plastic granules by the plastic granulator and then melted into various recycled plastic products. However, some recycled plastic products are produced in illegal workshops, which cannot be discerned with the naked eye. Most of these illegal workshops recycle medical waste prohibited by the state, and some even make food packaging bags for open use in farmers' markets. Health is extremely harmful and requires personal attention.

Central Granulator

Central Granulator

During the production and operation of the Central Granulator, it must be strictly implemented in accordance with standards so that it can prolong its service life. Let ’s follow us to understand it:

1. Do not use low-quality recycled materials with metal impurities or sediment. Do not place metal objects that may fall into the vicinity of the feed port. Putting them into the feed hopper will increase the wear of the screw or barrel or cause jams , Damage phenomenon.

2. Be sure to pay attention to fire safety. It is forbidden to carry cigarette lighters near the machine.

3. Non-staff cannot watch around, let alone operate.

4. Always add lubricant to the machine parts to increase fluidity.

By doing this, the failure of the plastic granulator can be greatly reduced, and the service life can be increased.

Analysis of the use time of the screen changer of the plastic granulator.

When plastic recycling and granulation is used as regrind, waste plastic granulator must be used, so do you know the specific method of repairing the die screen changer in plastic granulator during production?

1. Slight scratches or burrs in the die screen changer parts can be ground with fine oil stone or fine abrasive cloth to remove the scratches and burrs.

2. Rust pits appear on the surface of the pieces in the die changer of the waste plastic granulator. The pits should be ground first, and then the chrome layer should be used.

3. For the parts in the large die head screen changer, when deep pits appear on the working surface, the missing parts can be piled up by electric welding, and then polished and smoothed.

4. For long-term molding tools, due to long-term wear of the calibrating sleeve or die lip, the diameter of the inner diameter should become larger. At this time, the newly manufactured calibrating sleeve should be replaced again. When the die lip is severely worn, the work surface finish is Damage, should be re-polished, and then chrome-plated. We are Central Granulator Suppliers, welcome to consult.

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