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What are the types of Plastic Granulator screws?

Dec. 23, 2019

Plastic Granulator are mostly single-screw plastic granulators, which have the advantages of low cost and economical practicality; while twin-screw plastic granulators have fewer applications, mainly due to their relatively high prices; but Twin-screw plastic granulators have high output and excellent granulation quality, and are trusted by high-end users. We will also often be asked about some common knowledge and maintenance tips about the screws of twin screw plastic granulators. Here Plastic Pipes Granulator Manufacturers give a brief introduction to the screw types of twin screw plastic granulators?

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

There are many types of screw structure in the twin-screw of plastic granulators. The classification of twin-screw plastic granulators is classified according to the rotation direction and meshing of the screw. Here we introduce the shape and structure of the screw and the screw part of the screw. Composition to classify.

(1) According to the screw composition of the screw, it can be divided into integral screw and combined screw.

A: Integral screw: The pitch of the screw is gradually reduced from the feeding section to the homogenizing section, and the screw pitch is unchanged; the width of the thread edge is gradually increased from the feeding section to the homogenizing section. The diameter of the outer circle gradually becomes a small screw, that is, a conical screw.

B: Combined screw: refers to the screw part of the screw is composed of several different types of screw units, these screw units are mounted on a shaft with a key or assembled on a hexagonal mandrel to become a squeeze Dedicated screw for certain materials. Most of the co-rotating twin screws are combined screws.

(2) According to whether the axis of the screw is parallel or not, the twin screw is divided into two screws with the same diameter. After assembly, the diameter of the cylindrical screw with the two screw axes parallel and the diameter of the two screws change from large to small. Non-parallel conical screw.

As the core component of the plastic granulator, the screw plays a decisive role. A reasonable understanding of the relevant categories of the screw has a profound impact on friends who are granulating.

Its main plastic granulator is equipped with a professional inverter component that works with 180% low torque output and an output frequency of 600Hz to achieve the highest speed motor control. All-round detection and protection The plastic regenerating pellet machine driver settings can play a protective role in restarting, instantaneous power failure, mechanical acceleration, deceleration, and dynamic changes. The drive motor automatically recognizes another dynamic parameter that can ensure the stability and accuracy of the system. It has a fast response speed, shutdown, rich and flexible input, output interfaces and control, and multi-function, ensuring high-quality results.

Through the inverter, it can be summarized in the specific operating principles of the application functions of a plastic recycling granulator. The above analysis is:

1. Low torque and stable output.

2. High control accuracy.

3. High-performance vector control.

4. More than one serial interface control.

5. It can replace DC speed regulation and servo control.

The installation of plastic granulators using plastic regrind granulator equipment with good configuration components is very complicated, because it is directly related to the effect of the final qualification of plastic granules.

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