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Features Of Mixer Machine

Jul. 23, 2018

Mixer machine is widely used for drying and mixing dry powder mortar, chemicals, pesticides, detergents, pigment foods, rubber additives and other powders. So what are the characteristics of the mixer machine?

1. The agitating part of the mixer is two asymmetric cantilever spirals, each of which has a length and a length. They rotate around their own axis and also surround the central axis of the conical container; the rotation of the rotating arm is made in the vicinity of the wall surface of the cone planetary movement.

2. Through the male and the rotation of the spiral, the material is repeatedly lifted, and shearing, convection, diffusion and other composite movements are generated in the cone to achieve the purpose of mixing.

3. According to the process requirements, the jacket can be added outside the mixing barrel, the cooling or heating of the material can be realized by injecting the cold heat medium into the jacket; the cooling is generally pumped into the industrial water, the heating can be steamed or electrically heated. .

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Mixer Machine

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