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Why Choose Our Granulator?

Jul. 18, 2018

1. Compact structure, small space for space occupation, and can be installed in a plane.

2. The production process is carried out in a segmented closed-loop temperature control. The accuracy of the temperature control system ensures the sensitivity of the material to temperature. The heating and cooling systems of the kneader, feed, and extruder are controlled according to the process requirements.

3. The feeding mechanism adopts double-cone single-screw extrusion granulation, which has strong feeding ability. It is especially suitable for extrusion of pelletized materials which are directly mixed by an internal mixer. The extruder feeding system uses a warmer and a reversing device to engage the main screw reversing device to solve the problem of power failure or jamming and clearing.

4. The barrel screw is 38CrMoALA high-quality alloy steel, which is nitrided, high hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. In particular, the barrel and die use foreign technology to ensure that the control die is dangerous due to uncontrollable pressure and bursting.

5. The machine head adopts manual screen changing mechanism to facilitate the operation.

6. The advanced PLC control technology of the electronic control system is composed of two inverters. The multi-machines such as mixing, feeding, extruding and pelletizing are used for high-precision and wide-scale stepless speed regulation according to the process requirements. And has a full machine chain, sound and light fault alarm and other functions.

7. It has the control function of whole unit process chain, sound and light fault alarm and quick lock fault point. All the materials in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, the details are exquisite, perfect and reliable, energy saving and durable.

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Low-speed Granulator

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