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Causes of Damage to Plastic Crusher Blades

Jan. 11, 2024

Plastic crusher knife is a tool for plastic crusher machine. It is a dedicated tool that can cut plastic products into small pieces or powder. There are many types of plastic crusher knives, including claw knives, flat knives, V-type knives, etc. Different types of plastic crusher blade structures are suitable for different plastic products.


For example, the claw knife, the cutting force of the claw knife is large, the abrasion resistance, and the blade mouth is sharp. It has the advantages of efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in the plastic recycling industry. It can synthesize a strong set of knife rollers through multiple knives, which can be decentralized to increase the shear force of each knife, which is suitable for broken thickness and thickness. Materials, hard materials, head, etc.


 Causes of Damage to Plastic Crusher Blades


The cause of damage to plastic crusher and knife may have the following aspects:


1. The quality of the tool: If the use of the tools used is not good, it is easy to cause damage or wear during use.


2. The problem of knife installation: If the tool installation is incorrect, it will cause uneven force during the use of the tool during use, which will cause the knife to damage.


3. Plastic material problem: If the broken plastic material contains impurities or hard objects, it will cause a large wear or impact on the tool to damage the tool.


4. Improper operation: If the operator is not used properly, if the tool is excessively used or using a tool, it will also cause the knife to damage.


5. Improper maintenance: If the knife is used for a long time without maintenance or replacement, it will cause the knife to wear seriously and damage the tool.


The tool is an important part of the plastic crushing machine. The cause of the damage to these tools helps take measures to avoid similar damage and ensure the smooth progress of the processing process. It can reduce the maintenance costs generated in the production process and reduce the impact on production efficiency.

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