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Lubrication of Plastic Crusher

Dec. 25, 2023

 The grease of plastic crusher is made of semi -synthetic oil, special composite lithium soap, pole compressor, antibody, antioxidant, preservatives, rust -proof agent, tungsten sulfide, etc. It is suitable for high temperatures such as crusher , Equipment used under complex working conditions such as high speed.


     The role of lubricating grease cannot be ignored during the working process of plastic crusher. It can not only protect the gears, bearings and other components inside the crusher, but also improve the work efficiency and service life of the equipment.

 Lubrication of Plastic Crusher

     First, lubricating grease can reduce friction and wear. When working on plastic crusher, there will be friction between gears and bearings, and lubricating fat can form a protective film, reduce friction between gears and bearings, thereby reducing the energy consumption and wear of the equipment.


     Regarding the amount of grease, it should not exceed 50-70%of its volume. If the amount of oil is too small, the internal plastic crusher may cause friction because it cannot obtain sufficient oil. However, if the amount of fat is too large, the friction torque may increase, and the equipment temperature may increase, resulting in more severe wear of plastic crusher. Therefore, it is very important to determine the appropriate amount of lubricating fat.


     Secondly, lubricating grease can reduce the temperature. Plastic crusher generates a lot of heat when running at high speed, and lubricating fat can effectively emit heat from the inside of the device, thereby reducing the temperature of the equipment.


     In addition, lubricating grease can also prevent corrosion and rust. During the working process of plastic crusher, the equipment will be exposed to various chemicals and water vapor, and lubricating grease can form a protective film, which protects the equipment from corrosion and rust.


     When choosing lubrication, you need to determine according to the place and temperature conditions.


     In addition, after eight hours of working, the bearings should be injected into the bearing. When changing oil, you should use clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the bearings. The lubricating fat of the bearing seat is recommended to be 50%of the volume. In the process of adding oil for daily liquid, you can choose the lubricant of the same brand as much as possible.


     In short, the choice and use of grease in the use of plastic crusher is crucial. Correct lubricating fat selection and use can extend the service life and improve work efficiency of the equipment, and can also reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

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