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A Professional Manufacturer Introduces You Heavy Duty Granulator

Oct. 13, 2018

Designed especially for constant high volume retrieval of their hardest substances, Aumax' Heavy Duty Granulator are precision machined with heavy steel plates and pressure alleviated weldments throughout. Enormous construction of the leading room, drive and rotor assembly offers maximum rigidity, permitting close knife configurations without any fear of misalignment or system damage caused to shock loads or constant operation.

Just Aumax' Heavy-duty Granulator have a clear, unobstructed feed opening equivalent to rotor diameter for optimum functionality through each inch of the very circle. This exceptional design maximizes granulator capability, eliminates bottlenecks in the entry to the cutting room and radically increases powerful screen area for rapid throughput. A distinctive sound-deadening composite material can be used for hopper walls on all Press Side, Big Component, Shurfeed 2000 and Central Granulator.

Heavy Duty Granulator

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