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Do You Know Central Granulator?

Oct. 10, 2018

For processing heavy extruded purgings, pipe, sheet garbage, X-ray movie, post customer bailed bottles, fibers and film, look no farther than Central Plastic Granulator. These components are designed to survive, and are designed to handle a range of materials like big injection molded components, blow molded components, automotive moldings, lighting purgings, furniture and appliance components. Simply to list a couple. With a number of different series to pick from, every Central Granulator supplies a huge array of attributes, throughput, knife configurations, room designs, etc.. The 3200 Series, by way of instance, processes around some staggering 12,000 pounds. Each hour. Heavy-duty construction guarantees these fundamental granulators will endure for ages. 

Aumax Industrial is recognized China as a leader in the data destruction industry with Plastic Shredder and disintegrators/granulators.

Central Granulator

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