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Why vacuum hopper loader can't feed plastic material?

Nov. 08, 2021

The vacuum hopper loader is not working properly when working, and then delays work, what is the reason?

1. The filter is blocked and causing normal use.

Method: Remove the filter element, purify it with compressed air, and have a condition to be placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine for 30 minutes.


2. Autoloader filter plugging often does not add clogging.

Method: It is mainly due to the lack of filtering accuracy of the filter filter area, at this time, there is a good performance, which should have excellent blowing dust, waterproof, oil, better filtration area, better filtration accuracy , Such as polyester coating filter, titanium sintered filter, etc.


3. Excessive residual material in the pipeline;

Methods: For long-distance delivery conditions, there will be excessive materials in the line, and the residue system of the emptying line should be designed.


3. pipeline connection problem of hopper loader.

Method: Check the clamp between the pipeline and the hopper, whether the hard connection is fastened, causing system leakage will result in insufficient vacuum, affecting it.


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