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How to Use Plastic Extrusion Correctly?

Apr. 26, 2020

How to Use Plastic Extrusion Correctly?

As a Plastic Extrusion Supplier, share with you how to use the granulator correctly.

Several operating tips for correct operation of the granulator:

Never start the granulator while there is still material in the chip chamber.

During operation, do not place foreign objects on or around the granulator.

Granulators are not used for bulk or purge.

Always empty the collection box on time and do not overload the collection box into the cutting room.

Do not feed the granulator in batches. The shredder is more suitable for batch feeding.

Before feeding plastic into the machine, turn on the granulator.

Do not overfeed the granulator.

Check for tool wear and clearance. Adjust, sharpen and replace as needed.

Rotate the granulator screen regularly to extend the life of the screen.

Before closing, let the granulator purge.

If you use a blower to empty the shredded crushed material, make sure to stop the granulator first, and then stop the blower after 30 seconds.

Central Granulator

Central Granulator


Plastic Extrusion is designed to be durable. However, it is very important to maintain the correct maintenance of the granulator, which will prevent costly repairs or parts replacement in the future. First of all, the most important thing is to sharpen and rotate the rotor and fixed knife regularly. This will ensure maximum granulation efficiency and reduce the pressure of machine wear. During operation, please keep away from foreign objects such as metal and hard objects. Items that are often overlooked (such as nuts and bolts) can severely damage the granulator by shredding the blade, damaging the rotor, or even breaking the shell of the granulator. Always pay attention to the screen of the granulator to ensure that it is not blocked during operation. A clogged granulator screen prevents the chopped plastic chips from coming out of the granules, causing material to accumulate inside the chip chamber and clogging the rotor. A stuck rotor can cause premature wear of the drive belt, and in more serious cases can cause the motor to burn out. Finally, always oil the motor and bearings.

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