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The Difference Between Kneader And Mixer

May. 29, 2018

Some users often cannot distinguish between Mixer Machine and a kneader. In fact, a kneader is a device that kneads, kneads, vulcanizes, and polymerizes high-viscosity, elasto-plastic materials. Kneader can be used to produce silicone rubber, sealant, hot-melt adhesives, food bases, pharmaceutical preparations and so on. The kneader is a special mixing and stirring device with two rifling blades. The fast paddles are usually at 42 rpm and the slow paddles are usually at 28 rpm. Different paddle velocities make the mixing of materials quicker. Homogeneous stirring.

The working principle is that the kneader is strongly sheared by a pair of reciprocating and rotating rake blades, so that the semi-dry or rubbery viscous plastic material can make the material react quickly to obtain uniform mixing and stirring. The kneader's transmission part is synchronized by the motor speed, after the flexible coupling to the reducer, the output device drives the slurry, so that it reaches the required speed, but also by the inverter speed. The kneader has two rake blades. The speeds of the two blades are different. Different speeds can be set according to different processes.

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