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How To Deal With The Manufacturing Challenge Of The Medium Speed Granulator?

May. 25, 2018

In the present market, added manufacturing space for new gear comes in a premium. Accommodating demands for blending, wet granulation and fluid bed drying generates additional challenges.

Ordinarily, when a wet Medium-speed Granulator and fluid bed dryer is installed in a manufacturing environment, a method will need several levels to function. Additionally, traditional granulation may be further complicated by obstructed transport lines, difficulty working a method on multiple levels, and time-consuming cleanup processes.

To help address those problems, we leverage world-class Closed Combined and Compact Granulation Systems.We carefully design and engineer every installment from the ground up to maximize return, and reevaluate operator ergonomics, decrease transport distances, and minimize the plant's footprint.20170802072307429.jpg

Medium-speed Granulator

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