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Safety Operation Procedures of Plastic Crusher Machine

Sep. 27, 2021

Plastic crusher is using its safety operation and related provisions, especially how to operate maintenance, etc., so that the service life of the equipment can be greatly extended and efficient.


Plastic crusher should prepare these tools if disassemble:

1. Tools: Wrench, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, shovel, etc .;

2. The necessary spare parts: various short chains, links, bolts, nuts, crushers insurance, etc .;

3. Lubricating oil, turning oil


We should generally have these regulations when using equipment.

1. the transfer machine, the crusher master needs to be trained, reaching "three understands" (understand structure, understanding performance, understanding), "four sessions" (will be used, will maintain, maintenance, handling fault), trained test After qualifying, after obtaining a certificate, the time is scheduled.

2. Transfer driver with the work surface squeegee, the carrier belt conveyor driver is closely fitted, unified signal contact, open, stop. There is a large coal, the meter is stopped when the feeding port of the crusher should stop the work and the surface scraper conveyor operation. If the large coal, the cannot enter the plastic crusher or have a metal object, it is necessary to stop processing.

3. The strong rot wind will feed the fluid powder into the line along the cavity. The powder granules in the graded area are in different positions and thickness of powder particles in different positions and thickness, in different positions of the ventilation wind and the co-rotating multi-leaf-free grace (also known as the grading impeller). The classifier, the fine powder particles cross the average speed of the impeller, can smoothly through the blade gap, and the fluid separator recovery device is drawn as the finished product.


When using a plastic crusher, the regular examination is critical, how to deal with how to learn, you can refer to our factory below: 

1. The coupling of each part of the motor, speed reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, machine, etc. needs to be complete, intact, fastened. The reducer, hydraulic shaft section should have no oil, oil leakage, and oil volume should be appropriate.

2. the signal needs to be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to boot. Spray sprinkler should be promptly.

3. power cable, operation line requires hitching, no squeezing phenomenon

4. coal, gangue, debris, and electric motor near the head, the reduction coal dust needs to be cleaned;

5. the working surface scraping conveyor head and the rear machine tail should be appropriate;

6. scraper chain board is moderate, scraper and screws need to be fully fastened


Plastic particles through the plastic crusher impeller average slow, blocked blades, milling zone falls reflux continued return ring attrition milling. Ultrafine powder is exit the top of the cyclone separator, row to the pulse removal recovery device. In this case, it will be recycled to complete the crushing screening. 

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