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Plastic thin film crusher performance characteristics

Jan. 24, 2022

Plastic thin film crusher is mainly rotated by the motor operating in principle, and the trend of forming a relative movement between the fixed knife is formed by the opening of the knife and the gap formed between fixed knives and rotating knives during high speed rotation. The incision thus crushed the large piece of plastic, and the crushing plastic filtered the plastic particle size through the screen, and conveniently and effort during the entire processing process. For thin plastic film or the processing of the bag can be used to reduce the directional flow of air in the air cavity of the air chamber to reduce the output resistance to increase production capacity.

 Plastic thin film crusher performance characteristics

Performance characteristics:

1. Complete models with different size and capacities, the performance is highlighted

2. The main components of plastic film crushers are processed by CNC equipment to ensure the manufacturing accuracy of the entire equipment, so that the design accuracy of the equipment is completely reached, the plastic granulator running with low noise and low vibration.

3. High design accuracy and high manufacturing accuracy ensure that the crushed material is neat, the curl is small, and the cleaning and dehydration of the latter process are greatly convenient.

4. The rotating blades adopt V-type design, and the tool impact is small when crushed, and the motor operating current fluctuates small.

5.  It is pulverized with water, not only when crushed, but also can be cleaned while pulverizing.

6.  Screen bracket hydraulic transmission, screen replacement is convenient

7.  Adjusting the blade outside the machine, the tool replacement is very convenient and quick

8. Automatic recycling of crushed material crushed through crusher, no need to manually participate in convenience and efficiency

9. Screen cavity separation design, replacement of material is fast, easy to clean, no need to fasten.

Plastic thin film crusher performance characteristics

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