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Application of Large Crusher in Plastic Recycling Industry

Feb. 18, 2022

Plastics related industries have an extremely important position in the world, and the production of plastic products has developed in the world. Since the 21st century, China's plastics industry has continued to expand, and plastic parts have been widely used in architectural and real estate, packaging industries, automobiles, household appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices, and other industrial fields. The future market demand is huge.

 Application of Large Crusher in Plastic Recycling Industry

(AMG-H Series Granulator)

With the continuous development of the plastics industry, it is inevitable that a large number of plastic waste is generated, so the problem of plastic circulation utilization is becoming more and more important, making it an urgent need to solve the problem in the world, and at the same time, multiple plastics industries Both a large mechanism or platform sequentially be a key point for the promotion of the recycling economy, guiding the industry to advance toward environmental, green and sustainable development. Under such a wave, the trust will compatibility with the trend, and a variety of different plastic circular utilization solutions are introduced. In this, the plastic crusher machine plays an important role, especially the large plastic crusher is an important part of the plastics batch recovery. At present, according to different market demand, Aumax provides a wide range of large plastic crushers of different dimensional specifications, such as AMG-H Series and AMG-SH Series crushers, covering multiple different application levels, maximum pulverization capacity 4000kg / hr to meet the needs of different plastics recycling capacity.

 Application of Large Crusher in Plastic Recycling Industry

(AMG-SH Series Granulator)

The structure of the large plastic crusher granulator is divided into a variety of different configurations based on their working conditions, suitable for crushing various large or thick-walled plastic articles, including injection molding, blow molding or extrusion molding, and achieved concentration. Crush, recycled and reuse. Depending on the shape, material, size, etc. of the material to be pulverized, the tool structure of the plastic crusher can be appropriately adjusted, such as a large volumeous plastic article of the empty shell, can reduce the number of tools of the tool to increase the effective space of the crushing chamber, easy to cutter Crawl and crush the product; for solid thick-walled materials, you can increase the number of tools of the tool, enhance the cutting efficiency of the tool in the unit time, and increase the crushing capacity.

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