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Plastic Shredder precautions do you know?

Nov. 18, 2019

As a Plastic Shredder Manufacturer, share your thoughts.


1. Connect the grid switch;

2. Press the jog button to test the machine;

3. Start. Idle for 1~2 weeks;

4. Transfer machine. The crusher is operated in combination;

5. Check that there is no abnormality. Send a power on signal.

6. The running machinery and motor should be free from vibration, sound and humidity should be normal, the temperature of each bearing should not exceed 75 °C, and the motor temperature should not exceed the nameplate.

7. The chain tension of the transfer machine must be the same. Under full load, the chain tension should not exceed the length of the two links, and there must be no chain or jump chain.

8. After the fusible plug or the fragile piece of the transfer joint joint is damaged, it shall not be replaced by wood or other materials.

9. The safety net safety device of the pulverizer should be kept intact, and should be checked frequently during the work process. If there is damage, stop it immediately.

10. Safety devices such as the tail protection of the transfer machine must be guaranteed to be in good condition.

11. Transfer the carrier.

(1). Clean the tail of the machine. Floating coal on both sides of the fuselage and under the bridge.

(2). Protect the cable, water pipe, oil pipe, and hang it neatly;

(3). Check the roadway support and move the transfer machine while ensuring safety;

(4). The walking trolley and the tail conveyor of the belt conveyor should have good contact, do not run off, and the lap joint is good after the transfer, preventing the large plastic from smashing the tape and ensuring smooth flow of coal;

(5). After shifting the carrier, the nose of the machine should be kept flat. Straight. Stable. The jack live rod should be retracted.

Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder

Operational attention:

1. The Plastic Shredder and the power unit should be installed firmly. If the plastic crusher needs long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if the plastic crusher needs to flow, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron, and the power machine (diesel or electric motor) and plastic are guaranteed. The pulley groove of the crusher is in the same plane of rotation. 2. After the plastic pulverizer is installed, check the fastening condition of each fastener. If it is loose, it should be tightened. Also check that the belt tightness is appropriate.

3. Before starting the plastic pulverizer, first turn the rotor by hand to check the claws. Whether the hammer and rotor are flexible and reliable, whether there is collision in the crushing chamber, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow, the power machine and Whether the plastic crusher is well lubricated.

4. Do not change the pulleys casually, in case the rotation speed is too high, causing the explosion chamber to explode, or the rotation speed is too low, which affects the working efficiency of the crusher.

5. After the plastic pulverizer is started, it should be kept idle for 2~3min, and then no work will be carried out.

6. Pay attention to the operation of the plastic shredder at work. First, the feeding should be uniform to prevent the crushing chamber from being blocked. Secondly, do not overload the machine for a long time. If vibration, noise, high temperature of the bearing and the body, and external spraying are found, stop the machine immediately and check the problem before proceeding. Our company also has Plastic Crusher on sale, welcome to come to consult.

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