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What should I do if the Plastic Granulator's Bearings Overheat?

Apr. 14, 2020

Bearings are more important parts of plastic granulators, and their performance directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise of the bearing part. The abnormality should be dealt with as soon as possible. Usually the machine will have a certain temperature after being used for a period of time. If the temperature is too high, in most cases it means that there is question. What should I do if the plastic granulator machine is overheated?

Plastic Granulators

Plastic Granulators

1. The unevenness of the two bearing seats, or the rotor of the motor and the rotor of the pulverizer are not concentric, will cause the bearing to be impacted by an additional load, which will cause the bearing to overheat. If this happens, stop using the shredder immediately and troubleshoot to avoid early damage to the bearing.

2. Too much, too little lubricating oil in the bearing is also the main reason for overheating and damage of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the lubricating oil quantitatively and on time according to the requirements of the user manual. Generally, the lubrication accounts for 70% -80 %, Too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings extend their service life.

3. The fit of the bearing cover and the shaft is too tight, too tight or too loose will cause the bearing to overheat. Once this kind of problem occurs, there will be friction and obvious swing during the operation of the equipment. The crusher should be stopped and the bearings should be removed. Trim the friction parts and reassemble as required.

What problems should be paid attention to when using Plastic Granulators?

1. When operating the plastic granulator, strictly follow the requirements of the operating regulations, and do not perform illegal operations in non-operating stations. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, it is not allowed to destroy the safety protection measures of the machine in pursuit of efficiency.

2. When the plastic granulator is in operation, the material temperature has not reached the set temperature, and when the holding time is not enough, it is not allowed to start the screw.

3. Operate by trained operators who are familiar with the structure and operation procedures of plastic granulators.

4. Pay attention to fire safety. The fire extinguisher should be placed near the equipment that uses thermal oil.

5. In case of malfunctions or abnormal conditions, the relevant personnel must be reported and handled by professional maintenance personnel. If abnormal phenomena affecting safety are found, immediately press the emergency stop switch.

6. Do not use low-quality return materials with metallic impurities or silt, and do not place metal objects that may fall into the inlet to prevent increased wear on the screw and barrel or stuck or damaged phenomena.

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