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Introduction Of Material Proportional Valve

May. 02, 2018

Material Proportional Valve is a new type of hydraulic control device. In conventional pressure valves, flow valves, and directional valves, a proportional electromagnet is used instead of the original control section to continuously and proportionally control the pressure, flow, or direction of the flow of oil in accordance with the input electrical signal. Proportional valves are generally pressure compensated and the output pressure and flow can be unaffected by load changes

With the development of hydraulic transmission and hydraulic servo systems, there are some hydraulic control systems that require continuous control of pressure, flow, and direction, and do not require high-precision hydraulic systems. Electro-hydraulic proportional control valve (referred to as proportional valve) is essentially an inexpensive electro-hydraulic control valve with good anti-pollution performance. 

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Material Proportional Valve

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