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HDPE Plastic Crusher with High Stability and Long Life Service

Apr. 12, 2022

HDPE is a common plastic material, which is widely used in life and industrial production. After the HDPE plastic product is discarded, the environment has a large pressure, and it is also difficult to accumulate and handle due to the volume, difficult to accumulate. Therefore, the primary step of processing such garbage is to break or reduce the volume, and it is convenient for subsequent plastic recovery. Aumax HDPE plastic crusher machine operates stable, long service life, combined with cleaning, granulation equipment, can realize the reuse of plastic resources and create economic value.


Scope of application

Aumax plastic recycling crusher machine is a widely used medium and low speed and large toast pulverization equipment in the graceful special waste disposal equipment. The equipment is widely used in the treatment of various regeneration PE, PC, PVC, PET, PA, PP, ABS, and PS plastics. Suitable for crushing boxes, thin fittings, blow molding, bottles, shells, living plastics and factory plastic angles, all used plastics, all waste recovery and reuse.


Product advantages

The whole plastic granulator machine is equipped with a swing arm feeding design and a PLC automatic control system, achieving higher yield, large-capacity hopper and crushed pad bunted with horizontal push system greatly exhibits its superiority of high hardness large size.

HDPE Plastic Crusher with High Stability and Long Life Service

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